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Offsite Press Sheet Quality Evalution Service

Why is the need?

Every year, most companies have tens or hundreds of products going into the market. Some are new products and others are re-orders of popular products. With so many products rushing into the market, most brand owners do not have the time and resources to care for each packaging. In particularly in China, when the packaging is given the attention, packaging suppliers will prioritize the other considerations to the quality of the packaging. We know of some Japanese brand owners that are constantly flying into China every week to work with their packaging suppliers on their packaging. We admired the attention that the brand owner giving to its packaging but how many brand owners have the resources and time to do so? If we do not have these resources, how do we control our packaging?

Color Evaluation without being onsite

Due to the transportation arrangement and the scheduling of the packaging suppliers, the cost of on site press checks uld be high. We provide a solution to brand owners that help them to continuously evaluate the packaging quality at lower cost, this is our Offsite Press Sheet Quality Evaluation Service.
This service starts with packaging suppliers printing the packaging according to the brand owners’ requirements. During the printing process, there is no need to have any onsite press checks. Packaging suppliers must pick the printed sheets from the production pile and send them to PSA for evaluation.  Additional evaluations like paperboard thickness, paperweight, gloss index and heavy metal analysis can be carried out in this evaluation.

Once PSA completed the evaluation, we will provide details technical reports to brand owners and its packaging supplier. Brand owners can make decision based on the technical reports if the packaging evaluated meets their needs.

The benefit of Offsite Press Check Quality Evaluation Service

  • Continuous packaging quality assessments.
  • Cost efficient way to control the quality of packaging.
  • Scientific way of evaluation, reduce human judgement.
  • Numeric report result, let you manage your packaging objectively.
  • Real time and rapid evaluation results.

Our evaluation service categories

PSA provides the following evaluation services, and provides other evaluation upon request.

  • Paperboard Weight
  • Paperboard Thickness
  • Paperboard Whiteness
  • Process Colour Evuluation
  • Spot Colour Evaluation.
  • Coating Evaluation
  • Post Coating Paperboard Whiteness Evaluation
  • Content Checking

Let PSA take care of your packaging quality

We have quality control system to examine your packaging and reports that help you make judgement on your packaging.

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