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What is Color Card?

As the name implies, Color Card is card printed with specified color but that represents the brand that it carries. For example, Coca Cola’s Red, Pepsi's Blue.  All the major brands have promotion everywhere from TV commercial, print media advertisement, billboards and Internet. You probably will notice that all regardless of all the medias, the red color of the Coca Cola cans are very alike? Yes, what you see are the efforts many parties involved. Color Card the important color medium for media production for color comparisons.

Why do you need color card?

This is very hard to communicate color without the use of a color card. Like the Coca Cola red, how do ask the printer to print to the “right” red? It is hard for us to evaluate and to explain the color requirement. If there is a color sample that printed with the right Coca Cola red and it is given to all the parties involved to produce the color accordingly, we believe the printed color will be close to the requirement. Therefore the color card is a very important color communication medium. When your brand is being printed by 10 different suppliers and across 100 countries, the usage of the color card becomes very critical in achieving brand color consistency.

Do I need Color Card?

Is your brands’ color inconsistent? Is the color of your packaging’s color inconsistent with the previous lot? Is the color inconsistent with the lot printed last year? If any of these is the situation that you face, you need a color card solution.

PSA Color Card

We will produce the color cards according to the specifications from the brands’. The color difference (we called it Delta E) of the color cards is less then 1.0. This is tight tolerance is hard to achieve in our industry and difficult to produce. This is our area of specialties. We are specialized to mass-produce color card in very tight tolerance. We can help your brand to start getting the right color.

The benefits of standardization of packaging:

  • The colour of your packaging on shelves will be consistent.
  • Adds consumer confident
  • Increase sales
  • Increase brand value

Most important is that you get these benefits without raising your packaging cost!

Color Card Specifications

Our color card’s standard dimension is 100mm x 60mm. The substrate of the color card is determine by the most common substrate used in your brand packaging. It is printed with two colors, one is your brand color and the second is black.

On the brand color, you can choose to have part it finish with the coating or lamination to give you the exact appearance. If you have special requirements, we can custom produce to the right color card for you.

Start developing your own Color Card

PSA provides customization for your brand color card. We have a proven way to manage your brand color consistency, achiving the brand owners’ expectations

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