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PSA has industry-leading experts

Our team members consist of instructors, engineers and project managers that have many years of working experience from press equipment manufacturers, packaging facilities and leading retailers. We also have trained many packaging suppliers in China in their internal packaging and printing process controls. PSA is the right team to help you with your packaging in Asia.

Our aim -

to increase the value of your brand

A buyer of North America's largest retailers said:

“Clean, consistent, well executed packaging provide an enormous opportunity to drive sales within highly competitive retail environments.”

Yes, the first impression the consumers have is always the product packaging;

  • A good packaging enhances sales.
  • A color consistent packaging drives sales.
  • A consistent packaging provides a strong brand image

So our aim is to help you to control the quality of your packaging to enhance your brand.

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Our team can provide a very practical packaging program that suits your brands' requirement

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