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Onsite Press Check Service

What is onsite press check?

An onsite press check is to evaluate the color and printing appearance when the packaging job is being printed. If the overall results are satisfactory, the evaluator will provide the go ahead for mass production. The approved copy will become the standard of the job. Onsite press check is important on new packaging release and important product, and it is a vital procedure in packaging quality control.

People are seeing color differently

Studies have shown that every individual can see different level of color spaces. On a same image, you might see a darker green color but someone else could see more levels on a blue color. Therefore when you asked press operator to adjust the color to the difference that you see, often the feedback from the press operator was he did not see the different in the color. The press operator was willing to make the adjustment according to your request where you just became the color expert. Was this right?

Reduce the difference between individuals

Due to the fact that individuals see color slight differently, therefore the persons that conduct the onsite press checks relying on their own judgment may not be the most desired solution.  If the brand owners want to implement a worldwide onsite press checks process, the existing individual onsite press check is not sufficient. PSA has developed a way to replace the traditional press checks with system that utilize color data, printing standards and process control.

The use of measuring instruments

PSA utilizes spectrophotometer for all the onsite evaluation. The spectrophotometer can objectively tell us the difference between two colors.

The benefits of utilizing colour data for onsite press checks are:

  • Spectrophotometer is more accurate with human eyes
  • Eliminate the color perception difference from individuals
  • A scientific approach to manage colour quality
  • Mass production standards become quantifiable

Our strengths

When PSA specialists are in onsite press checks, beside the evaluation of the printing, we will also provide guidance to the operators to best practices to achieve the brands’ standards. We have a experienced team of printing specialists that are able to provide technical know-how to the operators, hence help the press operators to complete their job in time.

Let PSA to take care of your packaging quality

Our experiences could help the press operator to get the color right more effectively during the onsite press check.

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