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Packaging Sampling Service from Vendor

some are not returnable

Lots of brands have hundreds or thousands of products. The product’s quality can be controlled by inspections carried out by the manufacturers. In the event of the quality issues, the manufacturers always will take the cost of replacing it.

What about packaging? If the packaging on the shelf has problem, it is returnable?

Returnable or not, the color inconsistence and damage of the packaging might have caused negative impact to the brands.

Therefore we provide packaging sampling service, service carried out from samples received from vendors or carried out in store.  With such service, we will get a better overview of the mass production packaging. This is discourage the packaging suppliers to send only the premium sample for evaluation and ship the not compliance packaging.

We will compare the sampling from the store on:

  • Spot colour difference
  • Process colour difference
  • Paperboard thickness and weight
  • Image and Content
  • Structure
  • Coating Used


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