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Printing Technical Training

The norm in our industry

Most people think of packaging industry as a traditional industry. It often associates with less educated workforce and very little techniques requirement. Therefore the packaging industry cannot attract the good talents. Most of the people that enter this industry learnt the knowledge in the job, from their superior. Therefore the most knowledge in this industry passes on in the job.

The irony in packaging industry is that the equipment used are very expensive (Printing press may cost 10 million RMB easy) and these equipment should be operated by skilled worker but the reality is not the case. Therefore the need to improve the skill of the packaging industry is very compelling.

Practical Learning

We provide training to individual and to companies. The training to offer to the companies is to help them to develop the process controls to achieve print consistency by proper training and techniques. We have seen many packaging factories that lack printing standardization, but also deficient in operating controls. These deficiencies cause printing problem and inconsistency and eventually resulted in cost increase. Our training can help packaging factories to reduce cost and increase their competitiveness.

Our training

  • To achieve international certification
  • Conducted efficiently, and no interruption in production.
  • Develop a process control system that control print consistency.
  • Establish production management that are predictable, repeatable, traceable and with transparency.
  • Increase production efficiency, increase competitiveness
  • To increase the workforce capability in printing standardization and production management.
  • Increase companies strength, encourage work ownership.

Individual Training Course

We conduct classroom training for individuals that want to learn print process controls. Our current courses include:

  • Digital Proofing and Prepress process control
  • The concept and methods to print with consistency
  • Press maintenance and its methods.
  • The quality requirement for pressroom consumables.
  • The usage of inspection tools and process control in print finishing.


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Increase competitiveness

Printing Technology is evolving; we like to help you to understand the process controls and printing standardization for you and your organization’s competitiveness.

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