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Are you troubled by the inconsistency of the packaging?

The color of packaging must only just met requirement of the brand's but also need be consistent on the shelves. The color printed this year must be consistent with the color that was printed last year; the packaging that being procured on a worldwide basis must have same color consistency.

We believe these should be the demand of brands.

How we can help you:

  • Establish brand's color specifications.
  • To achieve packaging consistency
  • To reduce shipping delay due to packaging issues.
  • To get price transparency in packaging.
  • To have more choice in packaging suppliers.

Color Card Production Service

We will produce the color card according the the exact requirement from brands owner


Press Sheet Evaluation Service

Detailed technical reports with quantifiable results allow you to manage your packaging with science


Print Capability Assessment Service

Establish packaging manufacturing process guidelines that suit brand owners’ requirement


Printing Technical Training

Print and Packaging Process Control training from PSA print experts and professionals


Print and Packaging Engineer Manual

Provides an easy access, mobile and free learning platform


Our Client Says...

Start your change today

PSA can provide a custom solution that is practical and suits your packaging requirement. We have proven solutions that could manage your packaging color consistency. Through Packaging Supplier Evaluation, continuous Press Sheet Evaluations, Onsite Press Evaluations, and Print Technique Training, we help you to realize your packaging consistency.

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